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Candy Crush Saga: Different Versions and How to Download


As one of the most addictive games out there today, Candy Crush Saga’s main attraction relies on players being able to have fun in short intervals. Unlike MMOs and other types of games, Candy Crush Saga is self contained and can be downloaded without paying for it. It can also be played without an internet connection hence more and more people who are usually on the go enjoys the game.

Although it is very easy to play, the game increasingly gets more difficult as the player progresses to new levels. So despite the ease of matching three sweets for a point, it can rapidly become addictive. In addition to that, the interface is also very colorful, leading gamers to lose track of time as they sit on a train or wait for the doctor’s appointment comfortably. Due to the game’s straightforward mechanics, everyone can get hooked to it regardless of age and lifestyle.

How to download Candy Crush Saga?

For desktop users, simply visit any trusted website such as CNET or go directly to their own For those on mobile, go to the App Store for iOS devices and/or Google Play Store for those with Android phones. Initiate the Download by a click and wait for it to be saved on your device. After that, you will be in for a whole new world of sweet kingdom!

There are also other variations of Candy Crush Saga such as:

Candy Crush Soda Saga – new challenging levels can be enjoyed by mixing and matching sweets along with different sodas.

AlphaCandy Crush Jelly Saga – includes new candies and other features that can’t be found on Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Friends Saga – currently available in Mexico and the Philippines, this spinoff is equally exciting especially when King will release it worldwide.

Of course, additional updates and possible versions will be released in the coming months so stay tuned for more Candy Crush Saga Updates!

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