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How and Why You Should Regularly Update Your Google Chrome Browser


To most users upgrading Google Chrome is never going to be a problem. The Google Chrome updater is set to update the browser automatically whenever it detects new available updates.

But there are times when Chrome does not automatically update. If you notice that you have not been getting updates anymore you can manually do so with just a few clicks of a button.

If you are using the Google Chrome app for mobile devices then all you need to do in order to check if you have the latest updates and upgrades installed for your Google Chrome browser is to open up the app store for your current provider.

If you have an IOS device then all you need to open up the Apple App Store app on your phone and search for the Google Chrome app page on it. If you see an option to install and download updates then click on the button to automatically update your Google Chrome browser app.

Similarly, if you are using an Android device, then all you need to do is navigate to Google’s Play Store app and there you will find a similar option if the browser app has available updates.

If you are using Google Chrome on a Desktop Personal Computer then these are the steps that the ones you must take.

Open up the Help Menu on Google Chrome and there are two ways to this.

  1. Click the Chrome Menu just below the exit button on the upper right corner of the browser window. Click the Help menu item and then click the About Google Chrome sub-menu item.
  2. Or type in chrome://help on the URL address bar.

You will then see a version of the Google Chrome browser installed in your PC. Just below it you will see that the Google Chrome browser is searching for possible updates. If your current version is out-dated then Google automatically downloads the new update or updates. After the browser is done downloading you will have the option to click to relaunch the browser or you can just also exit the browser deliberately and reopen the browser later. This is will install the updates and complete the whole process.

Be sure to keep an open eye for fresh news regarding cyber security, especially when there has been a massive attack that invaded a lot of people all over the Internet. Usually Google answers these kinds of situations with quick security patches and updates that might fix any loophole or weakness in their current systems.


This has already been a long standing issue with Google as a lot of people find their automatic updates policy bordering to an invasion of privacy rights. Another strong issue with this particular policy is that people don’t actually like the idea that Google is force feeding its users. The automatic updates have taken off the power of choice for the browsers users, removing the possibility that they can think for themselves and giving them no choice but to use whatever is given regardless if they like it or not.

One thing is sure though, that the more updated your Google Chrome browser is, the less vulnerable you are to outside malicious attacks.

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