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iPhone 11 Release Date: New Camera Improvements


Not too much time ago Apple released the iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS and some people still did not stop obsessing over them.  However, as a new year has become, we can’t help but think about the next iPhone of 2019.

According to MacWorld this year it looks like we will get an updated version of the iPhone XS which will come with a different name, either iPhone XI or iPhone 11. On the rear of the phone, there will be a triple-lens camera arranged in a square.  As the company has already used every available potential screen space, the camera will look smaller having a smaller notch.

The iPhone XI, or iPhone 11, or iPhone XS 2019 might be a combination of a camera module with a face recognition module. According to some other reports, the company is looking forward to getting rid of the notch completely and to embedding the Touch ID fingerprint scanner directly into the display. Using this technology, you would place your finger on the display instead of the Home Button to scan it.

The Lightning charging port will receive a new design as well. Using a deformable material that will expand once connected, a liquid-tight seal will be created. It is most likely that the device will be powered by A11, A10, and A9, the processor chips of the company. If the interchangeable camera lens will happen, it means that you could attach camera modules to other Apple devices.

The iPhone of 2019 is expected to be announced this autumn in September. A few weeks later it should be available for purchase starting at the price of $999 for the 64GB up to $1.349 for the 512GB model. Hopefully, this is one aspect that will not change too much.

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