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Android Q Release Date: What We Know So Far?



When is Android Q coming out?

When it comes to previous Android releases, we were used to receiving a Developer Preview announcement in March followed by a public beta one at summer’s Google I/O (typically May/June) and then in August a final release.

After that, the first to receive the operating are Android One and Pixel devices while over the next few months network operators and phone makers will gradually roll it out to other devices.

The developers might get the new OS well before the general public, but for them, that should be the schedule.

A Generic Source Image might be released before the Developer Preview which will be manually flashed to a Pixel device, detail hinted by the company during the Android Developer Summit.

Unfortunately, the upgrade is not available for all existing smartphones and the ones which are more likely to make the grade are the flagships released in the past year. Android is mainly criticized for its Operating system fragmentation, but we can’t judge their decision.

What will Android Q be called?

Even though people are mainly focused on guessing the new features that will be offered by the new OS, some others are concerned about other aspects: the name.

When it comes to naming its operating system, Google typically gets a little help from favorite sweets. Aside from that, each was released in alphabetical order.

For version 10 there is a problem that sticks out: is there any sweet treat that begins with a Q?

The answer to that question would be Quality Street, of course, a British fave. Maybe Queen of Puddings can also be a choice, potentially shortened to Android Queen.

Some people who thought more into detail regarding the name of the Android 10 suggest that it could also be  Quesito, Quindim, Queijadas or Qottab.

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