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iPad Pro Comes As The New Photographer’s Weapon


The iPad Pro is Apple’s most powerful tablet, a true rival for Mac devices or any other portable computers. The newly released iPad Pro models come with an improved hardware and software.

Camera and display

The camera offered is the same as the iPhone7, making it perfect for video recording, composing shots and selfies. The screen of the new iPad Pro is of 10.5-inch, allowing photographers to play with their images in a wider screen.


When it comes to photography, it is not only about having a photo shoot. It is also about the capacities of the device you are using. The new model has 4GB of RAM, which gives photographers plenty of space to take as many photographs as they need per session. The storage starts from 64GB, afterwards you can choose 256GB, up to 512GB. The new model definitely has much more memory than the older iPad Pro versions which offered 16GB. This storage capacity can rival with any laptop and it is something very needed by any good photographer.


Fast USB 3 transfer is now available through the Lightning port. This feature will make the files moving experience into a much improved and faster one. It is a highly needed feature for a photographer and it cannot be compared with the iPad Pro version of last year (9.7-inch version), which only offered USB 2 speeds. The tedious process is now over.

Color capacity

The new device also offers photographers the best colors available (the P3 color gamut), almost reaching perfect color accuracy. The users will also be able to maintain these colors if they transfer the photographs to another App device.


The new device also comes with the ability to support RAW-formatted files. No lower resolution using iOS for photographers who want to display their pics or edit them.

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