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Clash of Clans Builder Hall 6 Update Nerfs Battle Machine and Night Witch


The coveted May 2017 update of Clash of Clans came with a brand new battle mode, the Versus Battle, as well as plenty of other new things. This is why so many players were insanely excited about it, both before it was released as well as soon after. The Versus Battle Mode allows players to do what Clash Royale players could do all along, namely engage in PvP battle and reap the benefits of their victories.

The current update that Supercell is planning for Clash of Clans is the Builder Hall 6 update, and many hoped that it would be comparable to the prior one. But Supercell just changed some things about it, and we have to say it’s not looking pretty thus far. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Supercell Changes Builder Hall 6 Update Stats

First and foremost, the two units that were supposed to be improved in the new update were the Night Witch and the Battle Machine. But the Night Witch’s HP was cut from 250 to 200, which is rather unfortunate if you ask us. On top of that, she now is unable to spawn more than five bats, which is a serious demotion than the previously announced ability. Needless to say, this upset many, because the Night Witch is one of the coolest units in the game.

And the Battle Machine will also have weaker powers in the Builder Hall 6 update. And to add insult to injury, the update no longer has the additional Army Camp for Builder Hall level 6. Supercell claims that this was done in order to prevent the game from getting to offense-heavy, and well if that’s their decision, then we just have to roll with it.

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