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iOS 12.1.2 Network Bug: Possible Workaround


The new iOS 12.1.2 arrived with a hidden bug that is affecting user from all over the world. Many users have reported the fault across a variety of platforms. It seems that after installing the update some users are no longer able to use the cellular data feature on their device.

Those that are affected by the problem also noted that their device worked perfectly when it was connected to Wi-Fi. The only problem is that they need access to their apps while on the go and it seems that nothing can be done until Apple releases the next patch.

Some users tried to reset their iPhone, hoping that the operation could fix the issue but that was not the case. The problem first appeared in Turkey and Apple declared that they are hard at work as the new patch is being developed.

Members of the community have already tried to find a way to fix the issue and they successfully discovered two workaround methods that seem to work.

Several forum threads claim that one of the most efficient methods that will help to re-enable mobile data is to disable Wi-Fi calling.  This can be done easily by going to the Cellular tab in the Settings menu and taping in the option. After the task is complete check to see if it worked.

If the first attempt didn’t works as expected you can also try to change your network settings. Go to Settings/Cellular/Cellular Data Options. Change the Enable LTE for Voice& Data to Data.

These two fixes have already helped many users as they were able to access and use mobile data again.

Apple rushed the 12.1.2 update in order to have a legal reason in a legal battle. The Cupertino company has been sued by Qualcomm earlier this year, with the latter arguing that Apple breached two patents. An injunction banned the sale of select iPhone models in China but Apple found a solution. The company pre-loaded the devices with the iOS 12.1.2 update and claimed that the functionality granted by the patents in question has been removed.

It remains to be seen if the next update will fix the issue.

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