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Untethered iOS 9.3.5 Is On Its Way


If you are still using an older firmware we have some good news for you, untether is done for 9.3.5 and it will soon be released. If you have an older device this might be the news that you were waiting for. It will arrive soon for all compatible devices. However, if you want t upgrade to iOS 10 (or above) but you still want to use jailbreak you might have to wait more.


The semi-untethered version

The Phoenix jailbreak was released a while ago and was a good solution that brought jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5 running on 32-bit devices. It helped, but it was not perfect. The Phoenix jailbreak was just semi-untethered, which means that users had to execute the jailbreak every time the device lost power or restarted.

Untethered iOS 9.3.5

On August 8 a tweet described the current status of the untethered Ios 9.3.5. „Okay so untether is almost done for 9.3.5. Using bugs burned in 10.xx. persistence + cs” the tweet announced. Now it is finally complete and the jailbreak community is waiting for the release. We still do not know if it will be compatible with 64-bit gadgets since Phoenix was only available for 32-bit devices.

Despite these details, this is great news. There are many users who need a solution in order to use 9.3.5 and this update means that those running an older version can finally upgrade.

And jailbreak fans have to wait for many other updates. iOS 11 is almost here and a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.2 is still in progress. Users are forced to use an older firmware and they can’t upgrade to the latest iOS if they want to use jailbreaking. Therefore, programmers have to work hard if they want to catch up with Apple.

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