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iOS 11.0.1 Update Comes with More Bugs and Problems


The release of iOS 11 has made many iOS users very happy, but there were also those that invited the community to exercise caution. It wouldn’t be the first time when a piece of software has bugs or overall problems that make it less exciting than originally anticipated. And that’s just what happened with the iOS 11 release, as the software displayed several bugs which made the community pretty unhappy.

The solution came in the form of a quick fix which Apple was very prompt about releasing. The iOS 11.0.1 patch was welcomed by Apple users as it seemed to stabilize the latest iteration of the Apple operating system. Now, however, more problems have been discovered and it just seems that the patch intended to fix things just caused more issues.

What’s the matter?

There are many different types of issues surfacing with the iOS 11 and 11.0.1 iterations of Apple’s software. Here is a rundown of all the different problems that have been constantly reported by users, unsatisfied with the quality of their new iPhone 8’s or just the software update they got for their previous generation iPhones and iPads.

Bad connectivity

Connectivity has become a serious concern with the latest software updates, because it is no longer reliable and users are finding it extremely difficult to keep a connection. With WiFi faltering extensively, the functionality of the iPhone or iPad becomes extremely limited.

Constant freezing

Apple’s iOS 11 brought a lot of freezing to iDevices, and the 11.0.1 patch didn’t solve anything. In fact, it pretty much made everything worse and now users are reporting that their devices are freezing and restarting even more frequent.

Frustrating stutter

One of Apple’s fortes is its ability to produce an incredibly fluent and satisfying navigation experience, with its devices being amazingly responsive to touch input. When you take that fluidity away, you’re bound to make a couple of people very angry. That’s what happened with iOS 11, as users are reporting that they’re having massive problems with 3D touch features and a very frustrating stutter.

App malfunction

Apps have also bit the dust in this latest software version, as many of the core applications found on an iPhone are now experiencing functionality problems. Users are saying that apps crash constantly and are unreliable.


Underneath all the features and apps, the iPhone is still a phone, but it looks like that is also n area plagued by issues momentarily. It has been reported that making and receiving calls on the iPhone has become cumbersome and unreliable as well.

Holding off on the update

Updating a device to 11.0.1 or even 11.0 in the case of those that haven’t done it yet, is considered a pretty bad idea since there’s nothing positive to be expected at the other end of the update. The best move for users stuck in the middle is to hold off on any update until there is word from Apple as well as a palpable working solution made available.

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