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[Download] CCleaner v1.21.93 Beta Available with Important Fixes


If you’re someone that likes to keep their devices nice and tidy, you probably already have CCleaner installed. The now iconic cleanup program has served millions of people well over the years and is now more effective than ever thanks to the most recent patch. Now, the app has reached version 1.21.93 beta which provides, even more, functionality and reliability.

Why update?

There are a lot of things changed in the 1.21.93 beta version, most revolving around fixing or improving already existent features or functions. If you enjoy using your current version of CCleaner, you should definitely update because it’s going to make it even better. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from the latest update for CCleaner.

Android Oreo problems fixed

In the beginning of the Android Oreo cycle, the app displayed some problems that made it difficult for Oreo users to enjoy both their OS and the cleanup app. If you happened to have the Oreo version of Google’s Android OS, the CCleaner app would crash frequently and inexplicably. That’s no longer the case as the issue has been fixed in the 1.21.93 beta update.

Random launch problems fixed

This problem does not pertain to a specific device model, as it has been encountered on several different smartphone models. The problem was that the app would randomly launch without being prompted, making it quite the inconvenience for users that would have to deal with it at times where there was no need for CCleaner to be turned on. Now that problem has been fixed and users no longer have to fear the app turning itself on.

Translation problems

Certain translations have been found faulty in the previous app version, but the recent update brings more reliability and accuracy to the app. All of the translation problems have been remedied and will no longer provide a concern for users.

Various bug problems

On top of more specific and high profile problems like the ones aforementioned, the previous version of the app also had a lot of smaller, minor bugs and issues which accumulated, slowed down the app considerably. Performance levels were considerably crippled by the total amount of bugs still lurking in the app’s structure, but they have been resolved in the 1.21.93 beta version.

CCleaner in a nutshell

If you’re looking to start using CCleaner, it’s really easy to install and it’s a very useful piece of software. The application is used to clean devices and organize user files as well as tweak and optimize internal operations and processes, not to mention clear unnecessary internal files. It’s a great app that manages to make a device considerably more efficient in a manner of seconds or minutes, depending on the scale of the scan in progress and the designated user actions.

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