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How to fix Hearthstone Crashes on Mobile Devices


Hearthstone is an online digital card game that gives players much fun as they are enthralled in the adventures of playing cards to cast spells, summoning creatures and engaging in epic duels. In the Hearthstone game, a player’s collections never stop growing.

However, this game is also faced with issues which are encountered by players. One of such issues experienced by some players is Hearthstone crashes on mobile devices.

If you are experiencing crashes while playing Hearthstone on mobile devices, try out the recommended fixes below.


How to Fix Hearthstone crashes on mobile devices

Solution 1: Check Hearthstone minimum requirement

Hearthstone requirement for Android devices:

  • Android OS 5.0 or later version
  • 2GHz processor speed or higher. (recommended processor speed is 1.5GHz or higher)
  • 1gb RAM capacity or higher (2gb RAM capacity is recommended for smooth running)
  • 4 GB internal storage space or 1 GB internal storage space and 4 GB external storage space. (recommended storage is 5gb internal storage space)

Playing the game on mobile devices that do not meet up with the minimum requirement often results in crashes.

Solution 2: Check internet connection

Connect to a fast and stable Wi-Fi internet source for optimal game performance. Recent update to the game crashes if the internet connection is not strong and stable enough.

Solution 3: Reinstall Hearthstone

  • To uninstall Hearthstone gaming app: > device settings > ‘Apps’ > Hearthstone > ‘Delete’ > ‘OK’
  • To re-install the Hearthstone gaming app:
    • Visit the Google Play Store
    • Tap on ‘Google Play’ and type ‘Hearthstone’
    • Tap on ‘Hearthstone’ from the search result > tap on ‘install’ to re-install the game on your device.

Solution 4: Clear Hearthstone’ cache and data

  • To clear Hearthstone cache and data: Go to device settings > ‘Apps’ > Hearthstone > ‘Storage’ > ‘Clear Data’ > ‘OK’
  • You should re-launch the Hearthstone app after clearing the data.

Solution 5: Update Hearthstone from Google Play Store

  • After launching the Google Play Store, swipe from left to right to reveal your Play Store Dashboard
  • Tap on ‘My apps & games’
  • From the list of apps needing an update, search for Hearthstone and ‘Update’

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