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GTA V Motor Wars Feels Like Battlegrounds With More Mayhem


Until now PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been a popular game. But now console fans will be able to play Grand Theft Auto V and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in a single game called GTA V Motor Wars.

The new GTA V mode is similar to PUBG regarding the beginning of the battle, where you jump from a helicopter (not a plane, like PUBG) and once you land you must survive as a team. In order to do so you must get vehicles and weapons and be the last one (or ones) standing. This means a lot of killing, destruction and actually a complete mayhem.

Surviving is quite difficult when you don’t find a vehicle and encounter an enemy which drives a heavily armed military truck, and you’re on foot, hiding behind a building.

GTA V Motor Wars is one of the best modes where players don’t just enter to troll others; they really get hooked into the mode and make it a violent and wild match, peppered with strategy and good positioning.

Last One Standing Inherits the Land, the Second Place “is a Smoking Crater”

This mode is probably the best multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto V to make it in the online environment. It will not make you wander aimlessly on the map, and it will definitely make you think fast or die, act faster or die, duck or die, drive or die!

Players will have to continuously move because the map gets smaller with time and if someone is outside bounds he first gets a warning and after a few seconds of staying in the forbidden zone, that player will instantly be killed. In the end the winning team is that one which had at least one survivor standing in the winning area.

So if adrenaline, claustrophobia, the imminent death from the opposing team and the scavenger hunt are your things then Grand Theft Auto V Motor Wars is what you need.

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