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Secret Google Maps Features That Will Revolutionize the Way You Use the App


Google Maps is the best mapping app out there, ideal for both desktop and mobile. Most of us use Google Maps just for directions, and after all this is the main function of this application. However, there are many other hidden functions that you might have never discovered before. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Create a custom map with all your favorite places

This function is also available as a separate app named My Maps. However, it easier to use the Google Maps feature and have everything in one place. Just go to Your Places > Maps > Create a map and you will be able to make a map that has only the locations that you need. You can also allow other people to edit your map.

Download offline maps

If you want to protect your mobile data Google Maps can help you with that. Find Offline Maps in the menu and download to your device the maps of the location you need, so you can have them at all times. There is also a Wi-Fi Only option.

Discover new places

The Explore option in the main menu can help you find new places that are worth exploring. Google Maps will also show you “areas of interests” shaded in orange.

Go back in time

If you ever wondered how certain places looked a few years ago, Google Maps can show you. All you have to do is drag Pegman on the map and select the clock icon. Pegman will turn into Doc Brown from Back to the Future and you will be able to see old images of that location. You should know that you can’t go further than 2008, and not all locations have older Street View versions.

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