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GTA 6 Release Date News – Gameplay, Maps, VR & Plot


With all the work poured into ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ and the Grand Theft Auto V Online Mods we’ve been talked about lately, we’re still looking forward to the GTA VI.

Fans all over the world have been restlessly asking for a new GTA, avid for new plots, maps and new items and gameplay.

Rockstar is currently working on ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ which has been officially announced and they’ve been quiet about any GTA VI idea.

GTA VI is Going to Be Developed or it Might Already be in Development

But the developers have slipped some gems on GTA VI lately that fans have immediately noticed. Until now there has only been some rumors on GTA VI being in development or not, but now we caught producer Leslie Benzies from GTA saying that they don’t know how GTA VI will look, but they have some ideas about it as they browsed ‘45 years worth of ideas’ on what to do in the new game.

Leslie Benzies also added that at the moment they are focusing on GTA V and the online game, the DLC and modes that are now released.

So at least fans know that GTA VI is in the making or it’s a project they’ve started regarding the plans of the series’ main idea.

Among this interview, there have been rumors on the Hollywood stars being protagonists in GTA VI. We might find Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling in GTA VI and we believe Eva Mendez will be the heroine of the future ‘Grand Theft Auto’.

Another rumor shows that fans expect a VR possibility for Grand Theft Auto VI as it is a current favorite gameplay, being a new experience. Since the game will be announced and then launched in the future years, Rockstar might be able to turn their GTA VI with VR options.

Maps might be representations of an entire US map, so gamers across the world, brace yourselves because if there’s a big map, GTA VI will have huge content.

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