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[Download] Google Maps Update Available with Video Feature


For those who love checking Google Maps every day and for those who need it for their jobs, we have great news! There is a new feature that has been introduced and will show you a new experience from other users’ point of view. You can also add to Google Maps content through the app.

Here is all About the Google Maps: Video Review

You will be able to take a video that can last between 10 seconds and 30 seconds of a place and put it in the Map service. This means that if for example you want to see how a store looks before you go there, you’ll be able to preview the entrance or the location from Google Maps.

This feature has already been released but until now it was only available to ‘Local Guides’ and not to every other Google Maps user.

You will now be able to search for a restaurant, a bar or any other location and see the way it looks in the videos.

Unfortunately Google Maps users will not be able to add videos like the ‘Local Guides’ do, not until this feature is tested by them.

What do ‘Local Guides’ Get to do on Google Maps

The ‘Local Guides’ are some Google Maps users that will post photos, reviews and add information on different places such as restaurants, bars, parks, cafes, museums and anything that is found on Google Maps.

This option works on Android devices for now, it is not available for iOS or desktop platforms. It will provide the user base video information along with written reviews and photographs. Only the ‘Local Guides’ that have an Android OS smartphone can upload these videos.

You can become a ‘Local Guide’ if you travel a lot and love to discover new places and pin them to help others.

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