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What to do when Google Play Store Encounters a Server Error


When you encounter a server error it usually means that there is a conflict between what your application is requesting and the restrictions within the server. In such a case the internal conflict causes the server to return an error to the requesting application. Sometimes a quick solution would be to restart your device and check to see if that resolves the error. Google Play Store being the most utilized app on your mobile device is prone to such types of error. In order to learn how to fix the error returned by the Google Play Store you need to learn what error was prompted by the app.

There are a couple of common server errors that can occur with your Google Play Store app. The following are some of them:



Sometimes the following errors can be easily fixed by a simple restart, so before you proceed with other solutions just restart your device first before proceeding.


Another simple solution for some of these server errors is to clear the cache of your Google Play Store App. You do this by navigating to your Apps settings page in the System section of you device’ setting options. Open up the option settings for Google Play Store and locate the Clear Cache button. What this does is it will clear all the stored data that your application has used. Usually these are passwords and other files that have been stored to facilitate a faster loading time and rendering time for the app.

A simple example would be when you have cleared the cache for your twitter app, the next time you log in to twitter you will have to enter the username and password again since that data was already released or deleted by clearing the cache.


A third option as solutions go for Google Play Store server errors would be to clear the app data. The process is similar to that of clearing the Cache. Although, instead of clicking the clear cache button, you will have to click the clear data button found on the apps settings page.

This action will cause you to delete all of the data your device has store for the use of the concerned app. This will not only delete the passwords, cookies, etc., but it will also delete generated files that stored useful personal data that is used in association with the user’s account. The effect of clearing the app data is that the app, when you run it again will be restarted back to when it first got installed into your device. For games, this means that all those saved games will have been deleted too.

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