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[Download] Firefox WebExtensions with New Changes


Even though Mozilla Firefox is not so widely used these days, many Internet users still hold it down as their browser of choice. Mozilla Firefox used to be as popular as Google Chrome back in the day, but its popularity faded away with time. And the reason for this was that, simply put, the browser stagnated. It no longer brought something new to the table, and in the tech world that is a big no-no. But now Mozilla Firefox seems ready to get back in the game, and a new review process for its WebExtensions is a primary step in that direction.

So Mozilla Firefox changed the process through which WebExtensions are approved to appear on the Mozilla add-on page known as Mozilla AMO. Let’s see what has changed more specifically and how that improves Mozilla Firefox overall.

What’s New

As far as its new add-on review process is concerned, Mozilla Firefox seems to be steering away from its original process and coming closer to the way in which Google does things for Chrome extensions. If you’re familiar with how WebExtensions get approved to appear in Mozilla AMO, then you already know what we mean. Mozilla used to review extensions manually before they got the approval to appear on the AMO page. This meant that each and every individual WebExtension was analyzed by a real person and approved as being legit.

Now Mozilla Firefox wants to automatize this process in a similar way in which Google Chrome does it. Sure, this will save a whole lot of time, but it will also open up a new world of dangers for Mozilla AMO. And these are dangers Mozilla has never faced before. But if Google manages to pull it through, maybe Mozilla will to. Only time will tell.

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