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Gmail Calendar: Creating An Event From The Email


It is easy to create Gmail Calendar, since the app can recognize the time and date of a particular email. In fact, it can convert the date based on your time zone.

Creating A Calendar Event From An Email

  • First, you need to open the email containing the information of the event.
  • You can notice a text underlined by Gmail, which it has selected automatically.
  • Thus, click the time, date, or the date range. If there are other events scheduled within this time, you can see a small pop-up indicating that it has. So, you can click it in order to go to the Google Calendar to learn more.
  • You can also adjust the event name, date or time if necessary, in which you can click the Add to Calendar option.

To exit the pop-up, you just click anywhere on the page. Likewise, you can click the Edit in Calendar to make changes to the calendar events.

Creating Events Without An Email Date

You can do this in order to add an event from the email from which you can’t find any information about the time or date.

  • Simply open the message.
  • From the Gmail menu, click More, which you can see next to the Labels and Move to buttons. If you have keyboard shortcuts enabled, you might as well hit the period key.
  • To open the Gmail Calendar, you need to choose Create event.
  • Thus, you can adjust the details of the event to your own liking. The app will automatically fill the event name with the email’s subject, and the Description with the body content.
  • Then, click the Save button on top of the Gmail Calendar so that you can save the new event you have just created.


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