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[Download] Clash of Clans: The Latest Builder Hall 7 Update Added Giant Cannon and Drop Ship Units


The popular Android game from Supercell, Clash of Clans, has received a huge update called Builder Hall 7 that focuses on adding more content and balancing the game and its matchmaking.

Looking at the content, we can see new features, such as a ‘Giant Cannon’ and the ‘Drop Ship’, both being an interesting addition to the gameplay. The Giant Cannon is a defensive unit and the Drop Ship is an offensive unit.

The Giant Cannon – Details

Both units have been presented on 26 September at the live tournament that got streamed. Players could see that the Giant Cannon has a slow attack speed – 5 seconds and a big range – 9. This is a building that will defend your base by shooting cannonballs at a unit and keep on hitting another unit after it has destroyed the previous target. Normal cannonballs would have stopped after they hit a target. Although it is a slow unit, it does a lot of damage, if the Level 1 Giant Cannon can deal 125 damage per shot, taking 12 hours to get built. When it gets to level 7, it will deal 222 damage per shot and will require 4 days in order to be built.

The Drop Ship – Details

This offensive unit is funny, as it resembles a hot air balloon that will drop skeletons in place of bombs. The Drop ship cannot deal damage unless it gets destroyed. If it gets destroyed, it will activate an ability called ‘Skeleton Burst’ that will deal damage and spawn other skeletons. The Drop Ship will attack the closest target, with a priority to troops such as Guard Post.

Other improvements such as bug fixes and Clan War matchmaking focus on providing a better game experience. Matchmaking has been an issue so far in Clash of Clans, as it wasn’t always a fair match, considering not all clans had the same strength.

You can play Clash of Clans – the latest Builder Hall 7 update on Android or on iOS.

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