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Elder Scrolls 6 New Lead Writer and Director – Release Date Soon?


All gamers must have played at least one Bethesda game at some point in their lives. The appeal of these games is the fact that they come with a world that is realistic enough, but full of fantastical elements, and they allow the player to explore it freely. Open world games are their signature, and The Elder Scrolls series is one of their most successful products.

Not only that the design and the gameplay are enticing, but the plot is another reason why fans prefer the series. Which means that writers are an important part of the Bethesda team. This is probably the reason why there was a bit of controversy after one of the writers made some suspicious online changes.

The Elder Scrolls 6 might get a new head writer

For those who do not know Emil Pagliarulo, he worked on Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 as a head writer. He also worked as a senior narrative director for Skyrim. This is the reason why fans were surprised to see that his Twitter bio changed to Design Director. While this does not seem big, it might mean that the upcoming Elder Scrolls game does not have a narrative lead.

If there is an empty place, then it obviously needs to be filled. This means that the team needs to find another writer for The Elder Scrolls 6. And that is not necessarily an easy task. The franchise is very complex so the next narrative lead needs to know it very well in order to continue to develop it. The world is one that already is very well shaped so Bethesda needs to find someone that is able to continue this narrative seamlessly and without harming the gameplay at all.

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