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Google Earth Pro License To Download And Install For Free


Installing Google Earth Pro can be done in a breeze. You can do this by visiting the link, Google Earth’s official website. However, this webpage would allow you to download the Pro version by default instead of the Google Earth.

It can be recalled that Google Earth Pro was given for a fee at $399 annually. There was a free license for those who want to try out the app for experimental purposes. This license key enables you to explore what Google Earth Pro has to offer. However, the link has become inaccessible due to some issues. Fortunately, it has now been offered as a free software for everyone to enjoy.

If you download Google Earth Pro, you are bound to an agreement in which you should abide by the terms. Thus, Google would grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the software. This would include features that would enable you to make KML files and map layers. Likewise, it includes features such as viewing and annotating maps.

Google Earth Pro has other features that are bound by the license agreement. It includes public display of content with proper attribution in video, online, and print. At the same time, it allows users to do other things mentioned in the permissions page of Google Maps, Street View, and Google Earth.

After downloading the software, you would be asked to enter the credentials in order to sign in. For this reason, you can use your own email address in place for your username. You are also required to input the license key GEPFREE to validate the sign in.

Google Earth 6.0 or earlier versions are no longer supported. Only Google Earth Pro 7.1.5 requires a license key. The latest version for Google Earth Pro is v7.3.0.3832. Google Earth Pro app can also be downloaded for Android and iOS devices.

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