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Threats That Can Harm Your Online Security


Cyber security is a top priority nowadays, and hackers can use the internet to target your personal life. Considering the fact that online threats are bigger and bigger, here are some facts you should know in order to protect yourself from cyber attacks.

Social media is a bigger risk than you would have guessed

Almost all Internet users use some type of social media in order to keep in touch with loved ones, but what most people do not know is that social networking can transform you in a target for hackers. They can hack you account, attach malware to a link and post it, knowing that your friends will definitely access it.

Cyber criminals can manipulate their victims

Sometimes, the easiest way to realize a cyber attack is the old fashioned way that does not involve complex programs. Hackers can simply talk to you and get you to divulge confidential information that they can use to access your private accounts.

Hacktivism is the most popular type of hacking

If you are just a regular person that likes to occasionally use the Internet, you are less likely to become a victim. Almost half of the cyber attacks launched were dedicated to hacktivism. This movement has political purposes and it usually promotes human rights like freedom of speech.

Children are easy targets

If your child accesses your device chances are that he or she can be tricked to activate Adobe Flash, Java or other risky programs. With just one single click on an infected ad, your device can become vulnerable. For example, Adobe Flash comes with numerous weaknesses that can allow ransomware attacks like CTB Locker, CryptoLocker, Teslacrypt or others.

Most cyber attacks that target companies are inside jobs

59% of former employees are responsible for attacking their former company since they already known its vulnerabilities.

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