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Google Earth Chrome Offers Speedy, Reliable Browsing Experience


Everybody can now have the chance to see the earth up close with the latest update featuring the Street View. Aside from getting free access to Google Earth, users can also have an updated version of the app on Google Chrome.

Non-Chrome users might have slight issues when downloading Google Earth on their computers. Instead of getting updated software, it will be in its older form. Although it might be supported on Chromebook devices, it might not be available for those running non-Chrome desktop browsers.

Here are features and options that you can use when visiting Google Earth.

  • Search – you will be able to jump to a certain location by typing the name wherein you can get a list of suggestions.
  • I’m Feeling Lucky – this feature would allow a user to go to a random location.
  • Voyager – this would highlight interesting places and locations to visit from around the world.
  • My Places – this option would let you add places, KMZ and KLM files
  • Share – your current location can now be shared on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. At the same time, you can share your location as a direct link for messaging formats and other services.

The whole experience is seamless and smooth, considering you have a fast Internet connectivity. Thus, the revamped Google Earth even allows you to type in your question in which the map will go to a particular location you included in your question.

If you reach that destination, you can now select whether to activate the 3D button or not. This includes the controls at the bottom right corner, which helps in rendering 3D views as you orbit the location.

You can also enter Street View, which switches from the 3D models to the actual images. This allows you to look into and feel how close you are to the location without physically going there in the first place.

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