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Other Unofficial Website Options for Google Street View


Street view of any location is not only available on Google Earth and Google Maps. There are plenty of other unofficial Google Street View websites that are often quicker and easier to use than the official websites themselves.

If you’re someone having trouble switching from satellite view to street view using Google Earth or Google Maps, the following websites could be your next best options:

Instant Street View

On this website, you only need to type an address or place name and you will instantly see that location in Google Street View. No need to drag a human icon to achieve that.

To make it even easier, the search box changes color according to different status.

  • Green when a street view is shown and found.
  • Orange when more specific information about the location is needed. A map is shown instead.
  • Yellow when a street view is unavailable for a specific location. A map is shown instead.
  • Red is when the location is not found. Therefore, no street view to show.

Fast Street View

This website is pretty straightforward. You won’t see anything on the screen unless you type in a location. Once you do, you will instantly see a Google Street View that you can explore through 360-degree, street-level, and panoramic imagery. If a street view isn’t available, you will receive a message that may say “No street view is available within 200 meters”.

Earth-Scout is what Google is to online users, a search engine where you can find satellite images, street view, and other interesting sites in Google Maps, Google Earth, and Street View. The website also goes through leading information websites, blogs, community forums, and other articles that write about Google Maps, Google Earth, and Street View.

Unlike other street view websites, not only comes with a search bar but also a map that you can tap to explore a location’s street view. One tap and a street view would instantly appear at the bottom of the map. You can then proceed to navigate through the streets and explore more of the location.

You can enlarge and reduce the size of the map by simply dragging the “Drag me” button. You can also zoom in and out of the map. The website also has a menu – Share this View, History, Random Location, Satellite View, About, and Feedback.

When you pull up the page, you will see nothing more than a search bar. But once you start typing an address, a map will appear and the rest of the menu. There’s an option for you to “Share this view” that shows a link, and share buttons to Twitter, Facebook, and Mail.

Since the map is sourced from Google Earth, navigation will be the same as if you’re using the official application itself and would have to drag the human icon to get a street view of a specific location. is also linked to So if you’d rather not navigate the website like you would Google Earth, click on the Map Streetview link.

Even with these options, using the official websites or app is still the best way to go. Now you just need to decide between Google Earth and Google Street View.

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