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How to Maximize Google Earth Real Time Viewing Experience


With Google Earth Real Time, anybody can now have the choice to view landscapes and locations in loops. What’s even great about it is that there is no need to clog your storage with large amount of data because the software enables users to view different locations as ‘tiles’. This means that data is transformed into small chunks of tiles without having to download them as a whole. As a result, users of Google Earth Real Time can view the full resolution imagery of any object/place without using a lot of storage space.

Various product loops are now available without paying anything, and can be simply downloaded at

To fully maximize your viewing experience, here are some tips to consider:

– Slowing down the animation speed will ensure that the images are downloaded properly. How to slow it down? Look for a small icon in the looping control so that you can set the Animation Speed in the middle part. Why do you need this step? It is because it is only when the location and timeframe are shown that objects become viewable.

– How to control the loop? It’s by simply hovering the mouse on a transparent tool that can be viewed on the upper left corner of your Google Earth screen. The user should also click on the ‘Loop Animation’ checkbox.

– Data that is older than 48 hours gets removed but a new imagery is added for every 5 minutes as Google Earth runs.

Google Earth uses UTC as the default time format so it is advised that viewers also use it. You still have the option to set the time in the AM/PM format, but it will be under the same time zone.

– To view the loop, you can simply click the Play button which can be located second from the left side.

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