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Google Chrome Extensions You Can Easily Install and Uninstall


Basically, Google Chrome extensions are tiny software programs intended to modify or enhance the function of the Chrome browser. This can be written via Web technologies, including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Extensions sometimes require user interface or none at all. These extensions are able to bundle all the files into one so that users can download and install. The bundle means that the extensions will not require dependence on Web content.

Moreover, it is possible that you can distribute your extension with the use of the Chrome Developer Dashboard in order to publish it to the Chrome Web Store.

Installing An Extension

  • Simply open the Chrome Web Store via
  • Locate the extension you would like to choose
  • Click the Add to Chrome option at this point
  • Some extensions provide a box listing the data to be accessed by the extension
  • Just click the Add extension option so that you can give access to your data and to install the extension.

You just need to click on the icon at the right corner of the address bar in Chrome in order to use the extension.

Uninstalling An Extension

You can just right-click on the icon of a particular extension if it exists on your Chrome toolbar. From there, you can select the option Remove from Chrome.

However, if you can’t find the icon’s extension, just mimic the procedure stated here.

  • Simply open Chrome by clicking the shortcut from the desktop.
  • Then, click the menu represented by 3 dot marks lined up found at the top right corner of the browser screen.
  • You can now go to More tools and then select Extensions.
  • Click the Remove button if you are going to remove the extension from your Web browser.
  • Then, click Remove in order to uninstall the extension as quickly as possible.

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