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Windows Still Gives Free Windows Upgrades To AT Users


When Microsoft first announced that they will be shelling out a new Windows Operating System free upgrade people were ecstatic. The new OS Windows 10 boasts a lot of new and improved features that were based from the features of older Windows Operating Systems that all Windows users have learned to love.

Sadly the free stuff came to an end when Windows announced that the company will stop giving out the free Windows 10 upgrades for those using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on July 26, 2016, which was about a year after they started.

However there is still one leeway left by the generous company that can help you upgrade for free if you still want to experience Windows 10 without spending a dime more.

Right after they announced that the free upgrade promotion has stopped, Microsoft also announced that they will still give free upgrades to those users who are using the Microsoft Assistive Technologies Feature.

As per writing of this article, Microsoft has not yet announced when the free Operating System upgrade for those using Assistive Technologies will end. The reason for such a generous move by Windows is that they are still working upon the features that cater to users of the various assistive technologies available. As per their website, they aim to make the user experience as seamless and as comfortable as possible.

The free upgrade also includes those who are using third party Assistive Technology and that Microsoft did not define which Assistive Technology makes you eligible to the free upgrade.

The following Technologies are among the many focuses of this Microsoft Operating System Upgrade:

  1. The Stark Improvement of Screen Reading with Narrator

With this new O.S. upgrade the Assistive Tech Narrator is now equipped to offer a much faster rate of speech.  Before, the top rate speech level was only up to 400 words per minute, but now it nears at the rate of 800 words per minute. The choice of language in Narrator has also been expanded to include several Nordic languages, Arabic, and more.

There is an on-going project to produce a more comprehensive user documentation and guide that will available for those who want to learn how to use the AT Narrator.

  1. Adopting Apps and User Experience to cater to those using AT

The Microsoft apps team has been hard at work to develop apps that are more accessible to users who use Assistive Technologies. The most notable updates include improvements for Microsoft Edge, Mail, Cortana, and Groove.

For Edge, they have work closely with reliable third-party AT vendors for a more comprehensive and more inclusive direction keeping into my the welfare of the AT users. The Microsoft app developers have made sure to provide support to third party developers by helping them develop more AT capable apps. They do this by making available helpful guides that promote a more Assistive-Technology-friendly approach in their development processes.

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