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Google Chrome Commands – Easy Way To Access Any Menu or Setting


Google Chrome is the number one favorite browser of Internet users at this very moment in time, and it seems to maintain its position quite fiercely too. No other browser has managed to come in strong and steal the show from Google Chrome for what feels like forever now, so today we will dedicate a bit of our time to learning more about how to use Google Chrome as its creators intended it to be used. More specifically, today we dive into the world of Google Chrome commands.

Google Chrome commands are an easy way to access just about any menu or setting in the browser and tweak it to your liking. And all you have to do is type something in the address bar. Here are the most useful Google Chrome commands that you need to know about right now.

Google Chrome Commands

  • chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. This handy little Google Chrome command opens your browsing data dialog and allows you to clear it on the spot.
  • chrome://settings/autofill. There is some information that you just don’t want your browser to store because it’s sensitive or you’re just obsessed with secrecy and all. This command takes you straight to Google Chrome’s autofill menu that stores all the data you ever filled in while using Chrome.
  • chrome://downloads. This particular Google Chrome command is an easy way to access your in-browser downloads. By granting easy access to them, you can then proceed to use whatever file you just downloaded.
  • chrome://bookmarks. Bookmarks are an essential part of an integral and effective browsing experience, so by using this command in Google Chrome you can easily access yours.
  • chrome://cache. Clearing your cache is essential, so use this command in Google Chrome to ensure that your browser is always up to date and clean of any residual cookies and data.

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