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Windows 10 Glitch Version of Cuphead game


Cuphead fans have been running into a save bug in the Windows 10 version of the game. The glitch involves the fact that the Windows 10 version of the game sometimes deletes save files after leaving Cuphead with just a keystroke.

The bug pops up for Windows users and players using Xbox Play Anywhere

The issue is pretty horrible because it can take you hours to progress through the game into a single world and then your save gets deleted.  Lots of gamers have reported on Reddit that they have lost significant amounts of progress after they used the ALt-Tab keys to exit the game. This seems to happen only with the Windows 10 version of Cuphead. So, players who are thinking to use the Xbox Play Anywhere feature to transition from Xbox One to PC are also getting the glitch together with Windows users. Players keep losing substantial percentages of their progress every time they exit the game, and this gets more and more frustrating.

The complaints have appeared on Reddit but also as reviews on the Windows Store. For instance, a gamer wrote that the next time he logged into the game after defeating one of the toughest bosses, noticed that the majority of the recently streamed progress was gone.

Potential workarounds

A member of the development team advises players to use the temporary workaround of avoiding the ALT-Tab key combination to leave the game because this key combination disconnects the game from being able to save further progress.

Just recently a representative for StudioMDHR confirmed that the development team is currently working on a patch for this save bug an as soon as it’s ready it will be pushed out to all players.

Until then, avoid using ALT-Tab to prevent losing your save files.

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