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Google Chrome Ad Free Nowadays?


Nowadays people are bombarded by huge amounts of information after opening the internet page. They often access a certain internet page but they are soon “ambushed” by deals, commercials and many more. These ads are everywhere on the internet and you can’t easily get rid of them.

But most of the websites gain money from ads and from the information we send. Google is one of the companies that use them with the same purpose. This is actually the reason why everyone was shocked when Google claimed that it will try to incorporate an Ad Blocker into Google Chrome. It is the most common way to make money and Google did that too, thus why would the company do that?

The motivation behind this action is in fact pretty simple to understand. First of all, Google Chrome’s Ad Blocker won’t block all the ads, only the ones who affect the way the user feels when browsing different pages. The ads that make the users uncomfortable with their intrusion are mostly targeted by Google Chrome’s preinstalled Ad Blocker.

The feature was supposed to be available by 2018 but sources say that the Ad Blocker is about to undergo some tests in the near future. The Google Chrome users actually believe that they are months away from being able to enjoy the new feature because recently some users claimed that they saw an option in the Settings section that is meant to block the intrusive ads from different sites.

Obviously, Google thought about it all. Implementing this measure won’t let the company without the money they used to make from Google Chrome’s ads. This is only another marketing and financial strategy that could even bring more money to the company. Besides, it is only a measure meant to collect some benefits from the intrusive ads that annoys the people. It is also Google Chrome’s innovative way of tidying up.

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