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Firefox 64-bit Version Download Available for Windows Users


The famous browser, Mozilla Firefox, is now providing a 64-bit version of the search engine, the default version of 64-bit Windows. This decision has been planned long ago since 64-bit Windows users had the 32-bit version of Mozilla Firefox set by default. Before, the users had to jump through hoops in order to get the 64-bit version of the search engine, but now they don’t have to resort to this kind of option anymore.

What is new with this 64-bit Mozilla Firefox is that it provides more security, privacy and overall better performance.  What also works in the users’ favor is that this version can access more than 2GB of RAM memory, which will lower the possibility of browser crashes. Moreover, if the user wants to see what version of Mozilla Firefox is installed on their computers, they need to head to Help option, and then access About Firefox.

How to get the 64-bit version

If the user has installed a 64-bit Windows, there are two ways to get the 64-bit version of Mozilla Firefox. First, they can download a fresh copy of Mozilla Firefox and proceed to install it (this will automatically provide the 64-bit version which is set by default).  What is important to mention is that the 64-bit version of Mozilla Firefox will not replace the 32-bit one. The user will have to uninstall manually the 32-bit (x86) version to avoid any confusions.

The second alternative is to simply wait. Mozilla announced that the company will slowly move 64-bit Windows users to the 64-bit version of Firefox with the next update. However, the company did not specify when the update will be available for the users, but it certainly arrive. Furthermore, after being transferred to the 64-bit version of Mozilla Firefox, the user can go back to the version they previously had installed, the 32-bit version, by re-running the 32-bit installer from the Firefox platforms.

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