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Google ​Chrome will soon install tracking cookies blocks


The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google is preparing a Chrome update that will enable users to block tracking cookies from marketing companies, but the tracking cookies from Google will still remain.

The majority of browsers are at the moment discerning themselves from Google by being more centered on user privacy, spanning from plain cookie blockers to blocking all the means that could track you from afar.

Now, according to The Wall Street Journal, Chrome might come with its own tracking barrier, but one that would not damage in any way Google’s own cookies and reports. The Journal reports that the company has been developing this tool for the last six years, on and off, however, but after the latest privacy polemics, such as Facebook’s famous Cambridge Analytica scandal, Google has been accelerated the progress. The tool, however, could gift Google with a huge advantage over its opponents, and most likely initiate a process of anti-trust litigations because of it. The new filters will apparently focus on companies which seek to make a profit.

If you’re considering this move a bit bizarre taking into account the fact that Google makes money by targeting and tracking users online for adds and businesses, you may understand then that the measure will not apply to its own cookies and scripts. The Wall Street Journal even said that ‘the coming changes aren’t expected to curtail significantly Google’s ability to collect data.’

As mentioned above, a response from anti-monopolistic powers in the United States and European Union might soon be attracted, as well as concerns and possible lawsuits from Google users. In essence, Google’s move is a disguised endeavor to utilize its platform capacities to own a vying profit. The company owns 70 percent of the worldwide internet and technology business and 56 percent of the mobile browser business.

Google could announce and release the new privacy feature at its Google I/O 2019 conference today, May 7th.

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