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[Download] Gmail with New Improvements – Groupings, Snooze and More


Gmail remains one of the most important email clients, and it continues to attract new users by constantly improving its services. Right now, Gmail is working on some new changes that will make the email experience even better.

A closer look at the NEXT Live EMEA 2017 G Suite product roadmap revealed that Gmail is planning to add some new features such as smart groupings, snooze, and smart reply. The smart reply feature is already available for Android so we can expect the other features as well. They may sound familiar to you, and that’s because of the other Google app, Inbox, has these functions.

Snoozing the emails

Exchange accounts can already use this feature in the Gmail Android app. With snoozing, users can “postpone” emails, and there are several options like: later today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week, someday. You will also be allowed to pick your own date and time. Snoozing can be useful in many cases, and it will allow you to treat your emails as a to-do list.

Smart groupings

This feature should also come in handy since it will organize your entire inbox. With smart groupings, you will see the emails put together based on their content. For example, work-related emails will be one category, trip emails another, and so on. If you have ever used the Inbox app you are probably already familiar with this feature.

New look

Besides these new functions, Gmail will also come with a new design. A screenshot revealed that the upcoming updates will remove the grey background and the big buttons will be gone. Instead, Gmail will have a cleaner look, with a toolbar that is more organized and it will use colorful labels in its sidebar.

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