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Galaxy Z Fold S could be the first smartphone to fold in both directions


Galaxy Z Fold 2 could be just a precursor to Galaxy Z Fold S, the first foldable smartphone that supports more than one folding screen direction.

Although they use fundamentally different technologies, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Microsoft Surface Duo are compared from a single perspective, that of foldable phones, surprisingly the Surface Duo model receives more appreciation than the “real” product.

Galaxy Z Fold S, a dual-fold and budget phone?

Equipped only with conventional rigid screens, the Surface Duo is not, from a technical point of view, a foldable phone. However, Microsoft managed to achieve almost the same result through software and ingenious design, the positive experiences they had until motivating the continuation of this project. Designed to provide an imperceptible transition between smartphone and tablet modes, Surface Duo already seems one step ahead of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, a much more expensive device that should be a formidable rival, offering 360 ° aperture of screens . Instead, constrained by the limitations of OLED technology, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 offers only 180 ° aperture.

However, all this could change with the launch of the new Galaxy Z Fold S model, rumored to be the first Samsung foldable that allows folding on two axes, using the same OLED screen. Thus, the device might be able to fold inwards, like a regular Galaxy Z Fold 2, but also outwards, like a Surface Duo or, perhaps, more appropriately, a Huawei Mate Xs.

Adding to the competitiveness side, Samsung could fit the Galaxy Z Fold S to the budget range, using the design artifice to finally conquer the foldable phone market. But it is the design used that could provide the solution to reduce costs, allowing the use of a single set of cameras for front-to-back modes of use.

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