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Best Extensions for Google Chrome Browser


Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there, on both mobile and desktop platforms. Today we will talk about the best extensions that are available for this browser.


We agree that there are many password managers available out there, but we suggest you to try out “Dashlane.” After installing the extension on your Chrome Browser, you will need to create an account. The extension will save all your logins and it will also offer two-factor authentication key in a password manager. We have to mention that it saves your identity and banking credentials, which is quite impressive.

The downside of Dashlane is that for all your devices to sync automatically, you will need to pay for the premium subscription.


As you probably know, the level of tracking by advertisers and marketing companies is currently very high. Well, this is the reason why we suggest you to install the “Ghostery,” as this extension will inform you about the companies that are tracking you and the data they are collecting from you. You will also have the possibility to select what data is allowed to be collected when you visit a specific website.


If you are using Gmail, then Rapportive is a pretty good extension that you can install in Google Chrome. Once installed, each time you add a new recipient to an email, any public information about him/her will show up in the side panel of your Gmail window. It does the same for any incoming emails and it shows how you’re liked via social media and any messages between the two of you.


Readism is a simple Chrome extension that will make your life easier. If you are a person who loves to read online articles, then you should know that Readism will give you information about how much time it will take you to read an article on the web. This way, if you don’t have enough time to read it, you can just save the web page and read the article later on.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly save notes alongside your links. In other words, everything that’s saved via the extension button can also be viewed and edited on any devices on which you use Google Keep. You also have the option to remove the link from the notes created via the extension.

Netflix Categories

If you are a person who’s using Netflix, then you will surely want to install the Netflix Categories extension on your Chrome browser. Thanks to the Netflix Categories you will be able to browser the entire catalogue. You can select categories or even search for a specific show that you want to see. To make things even better, you can add some categories to your favorite ones, to make things faster and easier next time you use the extension.


Do you use the Chrome browser to listen to music? Well, we suggest you to start using SndControl as you will be able to have a quick control of playback without needing to keep changing tabs. Once you double-click on the extension (icon), the track that’s currently playing will be shown along with some controls that allows you to skip it or like it. You can also like a track by just triple-clicking without having to open the extension.

HINT: Unfortunately, the free version of the extension allows you to use one music source at a time.


Google Chrome is surely one of the best browsers out there. Thanks to the extensions it makes the browser even more useful and fun to use. If you have never used Google Chrome before, we suggest you to install it right away and start using the extensions that might make your browser experience better.

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