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FlexPai 2, the new foldable phone priced at $ 1500, appears in a video presentation


Created by Chinese manufacturer Royole, FlexPai 2 is at least $ 500 cheaper than rival Galaxy Z Fold2, but is it worth it?

Although few know this, the Royole FlexPai was the first commercially available foldable screen phone. The reason why the original FlexPai remained virtually anonymous, and Samsung managed to “steal” all the attention with their product, Galaxy Fold, was the experience offered to users. Although it did not lack hardware problems and even disappeared from sale for a long time, Galaxy Fold benefited from the very first software support as solid as possible, Samsung delivering an intuitive interface and comprehensive selection of applications highlighting the new design concept. With limited resources and without the necessary expertise on the software side, Royole invested the entire budget in the hardware part and relied exclusively on the enthusiasm of the buyers. However, the information circulates quickly in the online environment, the not very positive experiences reported by journalists stopping the rise of the Royole brand. However, the slightly better known manufacturer in the Chinese market did not give up, continuing to work on the successor FlexPai 2.

Royole FlexPai 2, a serious alternative for folding phone enthusiasts?

Launched in China at a price of 9988 yuan (about $ 1471), the FlexPai 2 was demonstrated in a presentation held exclusively online, showing the revised design of the case and how the software works.

With a thickness of 6.3 mm (12.8 mm in folded mode), Royole FlexPai 2 is slightly thicker than the Microsoft Surface Duo, but thinner than the Galaxy Z Fold2. With a thickness of 6.9mm in extended mode, the Samsung model is disadvantaged by the camera module, which brings the thickness to 16.8mm in folded mode.

Described using the expression “no gap”, the screen hinge still leaves a space of about 1 mm at the edge of the folding screen, which does not detract from the elegance of the new FlexPai. However, the 7.8-inch foldable screen on the outside of the case may be a weak point. Manufacturer Royole says nothing about using the glass to protect the screen left completely exposed when you fold the phone for transport.

Top hardware for FlexPai 2

As for the hardware used, Royole FlexPai 2 is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, in configuration with 8GB / 256GB or 12GB / 512GB memory. The phone comes with 5G connectivity, quad-camera system with 64MP main sensor, 16MP ultra-wide sensor, 8MP module with 3X optical zoom and 32MP selfie camera. The list of features is completed with stereo speakers, dual-SIM support, 4450 mAh battery and fast charging function.

According to the manufacturing company, FlexPai 2 has been tested to withstand 1.8 million repeated folds of the screen, the reliability not being a cause for concern for future buyers.

As for the software, Royole delivers the new product with “waterOS 2.0”, based on Android 10. The interface promises the intelligent division of the screen between several applications running simultaneously, the video demonstration providing several examples in this regard.

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