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British Telecom chief: “We are a few days away from the launch of the iPhone 12”


Apple’s “Time Flies” event last week was dedicated exclusively to smartphones and tablets, but also to services, the American company presenting several new products and subscriptions for its users. Of course, everyone is looking forward to the launch of the iPhone 12 range phones, and according to very reliable sources, it is only “a few days away”.

This time, the source of the information is an easy one to check: the CEO of British Telecom

British Telecom CEO Marc Allera said in an internal presentation that the launch of a “5G iPhone” will take place very soon:

“We are a few days away from Apple’s next major launch, an iPhone 5G, which will provide an important leap for 5G technology. Teams from all “consumer” divisions have been preparing all year to win this launch and become Apple’s number one partner in Europe. ”

Even though it was not announced once in this presentation, rumors now say that Apple is now preparing a presentation event for October 13. It would be almost a month away from the previous event and would be in line with rumors that the iPhone 12 series phones could hit stores by the end of October.

When could the iPhone 12 series be launched in stores

If Apple keeps the tradition of previous launches, if the announcement is officially made on October 13, on the 16th, the phones could already go into pre-order. Thus, a week later, on October 23, the iPhone 12 series could reach stores in the countries of the first wave of launch, and a week later, on October 30, it could reach the rest of the world.

In Romania, they would reach the second wave, as this has traditionally happened in previous years. It remains to be seen, however, which models will be launched first, or whether Apple has waited longer to have available on the first day all four new phones.

Earlier, rumors said that Apple could launch the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, both in variants with a 6.1 ”screen, and in a few weeks, the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max variants will also arrive on store shelves. A delayed release for certain models would not be something new. In 2017, the iPhone X was launched in November, although the iPhone 8 models debuted in September, while in 2018, the iPhone XR was delayed until October.

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