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[Download] Google Chrome Updates Manually (Update Issue Fix)


Chrome is the most popular browser in the world and there’s no doubt about that, especially since Google pre-installs it on every Android powered smartphone. Chrome’s reach extends even further since it covers 62.66% of desktop and laptop internet users. With that said, there are many people who depend on Chrome to run smooth and this where Google’s latest updates come in.

The Android parent specially developed Chrome so that it can automatically update itself. These updates are downloaded in the background and they are installed while the browser is closed. While this might seem great, Google’s automatic update system doesn’t always work. Some updates will fail which forces Chrome users to uninstall and install the browser.

Manually Download Chrome Latest Updates

On the bright side through, Chrome users can always manually download the latest updates and install them without having to wait for Chrome to update itself. In order to find the latest updates, Chrome users will need to open the browser and type in “chrome://help” in the URL.

After doing this, the “About Page” will open and that’s where users will be able to find additional information about which version of the browser they are using. While this information might be valuable, this is not the reason we open “About Page”. The real reason behind this is that once “About Page” is open, the browser will automatically start searching for new updates to install.

Chrome Update Bug and Solution

There are numerous user reports on Chrome’s forum which point out that the browser sometimes malfunctions and doesn’t want to update even though the version is out of date. This issue can be quite annoying and sadly, the only method of fixing it is to uninstall and install Chrome once again.

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