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GTA 5 NaturalVision Remastered Mod Brings Stunning Visuals


Grand Theft Auto 5 NaturalVision Remastered mode created by Jamal Rashid (aka Razed) has incredible visuals and gamers are speechless.  Razed has released an extensive update for the mode and it is clear that it involved hard work on his behalf.

Details on the GTA 5 NaturalVision Remastered update

The mode has a new add-on which is optional and a non-compulsory No Third Person Lens Flare setting. Also the headlight distance of the vehicles available has been increased, even the police lights. The light flares are not blue and boring anymore and they reflect the same colors as their source.

The modder has also worked on the shadows and lighning effects and the most impressive one is for sure the lightning after thunderous weather conditions.

NaturalVision Remastered

Razed reportedly spent more than 1200 hours logged into the game to create the NaturalVision Remastered mode. He works with 7-8 beta testers ad not all of them are GTA players.

The mode brings changes to environmental weather, ambient color, tonemapping and lightning system. The purpose was to make the mode as realistic to Southern California as possible. More than 40 hours of footage and a lot of time spent researching were the secret weapons for the success of the mode. The aesthetics have been created similar to Forza Horizon 3 and unlike the previous modes available, this version does not use ReShade for its looks. Some weather changes include: adjusted blizzard during the night, different traffic lights, improved global coronas and flares, increased daytime brightness (IN ExtraSunny and Clear weather), improved police car lights and many others.

GTA 5 NaturalVision Remastered players have already commented and given their feedback; some suggesting that for the next update Razed should add more fog or check the color correction.

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