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Fallout Fan Managed to Annoy the Entire Community


When it comes to the gaming community, there are no strict rules, but there are a few things that you should respect, like the other players and the work of the developers. Even if you do not like something, you can simply move along and ignore it. Criticism is also needed, but you should make sure that it is constructive. However, when it comes to Tyler Miles, these rules are not enough. He managed to cross all limits, in a senseless quest to prove its love for the Fallout games.

He loves to hate the series

Miles is above common sense when it comes to buying video games. He bought Fallout 3 “even though it looks like it will suck”. It appears that he was right, because after the Fallout 4 release he did mention that “the last one sucked.” Some will believe that things ended here, but it appears that this motived Tyler and he returned to buy Fallout 4.

He moved on and discovered new things

It appears that Miles discovered other things and he began to focus on Bethesda itself. “Right now I’m absolutely disgusted with Bethesda for how they’ve botched the Creator’s Club implementation. It’s honestly amazing to me that these people just keep putting out such bad products. It’s like they have no idea what they’re doing,” he declared. Luckily for us, we managed to hear him say these things right before spending $500 on his account for mods and add-ons.

Tyler Miles is a legend among game store managers

Game store manager Jean Porter was lucky enough to meet the hero in real life: “There’s nobody quite like Tyler. I heard he was here on day one, pre-ordering his copy of Fallout 3, and pre-prepared with a 40-page speech he had written about how much he hated VATS.”

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