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Facebook APK Update Download Available with Improved Reliability and Speed


Facebook is so big that it doesn’t need an introduction. Considering that Facebook has millions of users, the developers behind the social media platform are always releasing new updates to improve it through security patches and bug fixes. Well, this is exactly what’s happening right now since a new APK has just been published.


Facebook APK Update

The latest Facebook update is targeted towards the Android version of the social media platform and it brings its build number up to Even though Facebook loves to introduce new features every other week, this isn’t the case with this new update.

Improved Reliability and Speed

Instead of focusing on new features, Facebook’s developers created this new update with one purpose in mind, and that’s to improve the app’s reliability and speed. Therefore, the new APK contains a couple of performance tweaks which are paired with bug fixes.

These bug fixes and performance tweaks are what’s helping Facebook overshadow its competition. The Android app never crashes or malfunctions and this is a key element of the premium user experience Facebook offers. Unlike other apps, Android fans will always know that they are in good hands whenever a new update arrives.

Nonetheless, Facebook is going to roll out this update to its Android user base during the upcoming future. Although, Facebook didn’t publish a timetable for that and we don’t know when that’s going to happen. However, eager Facebook users can go ahead and download the APK version of the update right now.

APK Update

The most important thing about APK updates is that they allow Android users to get their hands on the latest updates that improve their apps ahead of scheduled. The only catch is that Android fans are required to manually download and install them. Luckily, the installation process is not that complicated, and anyone can install them.

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