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Google Play Store Version 8.3.73 APK Update is Now Available for Download


The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear about Google’s Android operating system is “premium user experience”. Google is known for putting a high price on user experience and therefore it keeps on rolling out new updates every week.

These updates usually include bug fixes, performance enhancing tweaks and other cool features. This constant stream of updates is Google’s way of ensuring that Android OS keeps evolving and that its user base is happy.

Google Play Store

The Android parent developed numerous apps which can be considered as vital components of its Android ecosystem. However, Play Store is what sits at the middle of it. This app is a key element to the premium experience Android OS offers and nothing will be the same without it.

If we were to sum it all up, the Play Store basically allows users to download and discover apps or games that they enjoy using. Things don’t end there since Play Store is also responsible for entertainment since it also includes a movie, book, music and TV Show library. This enables Android fans to watch or listen to content on their smartphone or their TV through Chromecast.

Google Play Store Version 8.3.73 APK Update

Now that we went over how important Play Store’s role is in the Android ecosystem, no one should be surprised to find out that Google releases new updates for it almost every day. In fact, the Android parent recently published a new update for the app.

The new update can be downloaded ahead of Google’s OTA (over the air) timeframe because it is available in APK form. APK updates can be manually downloaded and installed which means that Android fans are not required to wait until Google decides to release them

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