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Google Pixel 3 Models To Be Revealed in 2018


There is a new report that suggests Google is working on new Pixel phones. And we’re talking about the Pixel 3, that will come in three models.

The leak was found on Droid Life, showing us three codenames for them: Crosshatch, Albacore, and Blueline. The same thing happened for this year’s Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL that had codenames when they were in development. There have been three models for the Pixels 2, one of which being killed off: Walleye, Muskie, and Taimen, with Muskie not making it in the wilds.

These phones would be called A, B and C while in development, as to keep their identity a secret until they are out.

Premium and High – End Pixel 3 Smartphone – Coming in 2018

Well, we might not know their names, but we know some things. It looks like there will be two premium handsets and a third one will be a high – end one. We figure that Google will do something similar to what Apple did with their updated iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus from this year and the new iPhone X, being the supreme Apple handset at the moment.

Of course, as it only is a report that we cannot verify, we will take it as a rumor, with a grain of salt. However, the source is reliable as it has proven many times that their rumors turned out to be true.

With Google stating that they started taking out the headphone jack for a greater purpose: the all – screen phones that they plan to manufacture. Those phones will not be able to have a headphone jack, as it doesn’t fit with the entire design strategy. So, in 2018, we should expect Pixel 3 models to have an all-screen design, which should make up for losing the headphone jack.

Assuming the rumor will turn out to be reality, Google might save their best features for their next Pixel 3 smartphone.

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