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Experience New Interesting Features with a Google Chrome Update Download


For so many years, Internet Explorer dominated the arena of web browsing until Google Chrome was named the most popular web browser in 2016, with a 32 percent increase in users’ share. Today, Chrome is used by more than half of the total number of web users worldwide.

Two significant factors which put it to the top are compatibility and more importantly, security. But just like with any program application, updates are important for improved performance and bug fixes. The current version is Chrome 59.

What’s New with Chrome 59?

The latest Chrome version comes with Headless Chrome, Notification on macOS and Image capture API, to name a few. The first feature allows for running Chrome without peripherals or user interface and in an automated environment. Conversely, for users using mac OS, the new native notification system allows for improved user experience with the notifications made more integrated in the platform. As for the third interesting feature, the new Image Capture API, users have been given accessibility to resolution capabilities from any camera. It is no secret that high resolution photos are difficult to capture using a web app. In the past, a different camera or the phone camera should be used to upload a photo with high res. But with this new feature, it is now possible to control different features such as, brightness, ISO, contrast and zoom without making a switch.

Technically, you can update your Google Chrome web browser via an automatic update but you can also get an update manually. To learn more how to get the most of your Google Chrome browser, here are the guidelines to downloading the latest version on different OS platforms:


It is easy to know if an update is available by launching Chrome. Check on the “More” category located at the top right. If one is available, you will notice that the icon has color. If it’s green, the update has been released for two days. The color orange indicates that it has been available for four days while red means the update has been available for a week. You can also see if you need an update when the “Update Google Chrome” button is visible and you just need to click it.


To determine if an update for Google Chrome is available, launch Play Store. Click on “Menu” and under “My apps & games” you can check under “Updates”. If Chrome is in the list, simply click on the icon to update.

If you have a different default web browser, download the latest Google Chrome update and discover its wonders.

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