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Dreams: PS4 Actual Beta Available in Exciting News


We have some exciting news. We were finally announced when the Dreams PlayStation 4 beta will be available. We already knew that it was on its way as this is something that Media Molecule already made public. However, there was no release date for it until now.

The actual beta will begin the week of January 8, but it will go live December 19 for subscribers. Those who are already on the mailing list of the developer can register right away. However, the rest have to wait until January 4 in order to sign up for the beta.

Nonetheless, you must know that there might not be enough space for everyone. Media Molecule did state that they will try their best to get everyone in, but they can’t make any promises. In order to sign up for the best you must be over the age of 18.

The testing phase is supposed to come to an end on January 21, 2019. We don’t know yet when the game will be launched, but it’s safe to say it will happen in 2019 as well.

Offering feedback

For the developers the beta is very important because it allows them to identify the mistakes they have made and they can improve the game in order to make it more stable and create an enjoyable playing experience.

“What we’re most interested in learning during beta is your experience using the tools – are you able to make things? Did the tutorials help you? Did anything not work for you? What did you find confusing? Please keep in mind this test will be under NDA (no streaming, Tweeting or sharing) so you’ll have access to our feedback forums and companion website to connect with us (and the rest of the community!) directly,” read the post published on their blog.

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