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Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be Available for PS4 and Switch


The famous Japanese video game company, Square Enix, has announced the other day using a live stream that the Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms. Also new features will be added to the sandbox action video game.

Quest Builders 2

The game’s action takes place in Alefgard, the same world used in the Dragon Quest original game. Players are the savior character, who is in charge of rebuilding the destroyed world. The game has similar graphics to other games such as Terraria or Minecraft.

New features for the Quest Builders 2 for Switch and PS4

During the announcement, the company has released some footage and it has confirmed that a new feature is an underwater exploration. Players will also be able to use a type of cloth to glide around and also they will be able to use a dash button. This version will also be available for multiplayer, meaning that more players will be able to build the world together. Previously, players were only able to share plots online. This sequel is to be release in 2018 for PS4 and Switch, according to the announcement the company made at the Dragon Quest Summer Festival of 2017 on the 5th of August.

Facts about the Square Enix Company

Actually the Japanese video game and publisher company is actually composed by two companies: Square and Enix. The two companies merged back in 2003. The Square company was originally a computer game software division the Den-Yu-Sha company. The division became independent in 1986 and it has released the famous game Final Fantasy. This game franchise became very popular, allowing the company to create other gaems such as Super Mario RPG, Secret of Mana, Chrono  etc.

The Enix company was founded in 1975 and it developed games for Sony.

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