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Comparing Tesla Model 3 with other EV – Prices and Features


Model 3 by Tesla has several features which will bring popularity to the car. Starting with its 21st controls, home charging and openness, this electric vehicle (EV) is definitely going to dominate the market segment.

Comparing Tesla Model 3 with other EV


The new Tesla model comes in three versions: Tesla Model 3 Standard, Tesla Model 3 Premium Package and Tesla Model 3 Long Range. The prices also differ, the first version starting from 35,000$, the second 40,000$ and the third 44,000$.  Other EV have similar prices and perhaps some of the most accessible in terms of price are Audi A3 for 31,000 $, Toyota Camry XLE for 28, 450 $, Acura ILX (28,850 $) and Acura TLX (33,000 $). Pricier EV are the Mercedes C350e for over 45,000 $, Tesla Model S for over 69,500 $ and BMW 34Oi for over 47,000 $.

A little market research shows that when taking the US federal tax credit, Model 3 is cheaper than most EVs.


The Tesla Model 3 has 15 cu.ft (trunk and frunk space), 185 lengths and 76 in width. Other EVs have smaller trunk and frunk space such as the Audi A5 (12 cu.ft), Lexus IS (11 cu,ft) or Acura ILX ( 12 cu,ft). The storage space is definitely a plus for Model 3. The Lexus IS beats Model 3 when it comes to leg room with 44.8-inches of space, while Model 3 only has 35.2-inches. Other EVs with average leg space are Audi A3 (35.4-inches) and Audi A4 (35.7-inches).


Safety is perhaps the most important feature on the list and the Model 3 has been announced by Tesla to be the safest EV of its class. In its price range the Model 3 has no competitor in terms of safety, not even the Volvo S60.

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