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Dragon Awaken Christmas Event Is Live


We are all getting ready for Christmas and looking forward to opening up our gifts. DAW is also celebrating the winter holidays in games like Dragon Awaken. There’s a new Dragon Awaken X-mas event that went live on 22nd December and will last until 26th December.

Let’s take a look at what the Dragon Awaken team has prepared for Christmas.

Dragon Awaken Christmas Event and Rewards

To claim all the Dragon Awaken rewards, visit this link:, which will take you to a page specially created for the Dragon Awaken Christmas event.

Daily check-ins will reward you with a special reward if you’re a mini-client player.

Then, there’s the Christmas wheel, with a free spin every day. Mini-client players can win extra rewards from the middle button on the wheel, and the inner wheel is only available to players that have recharged during 22nd – 26th December.

The Dragon Awaken Christmas in-game Event also brings lots of rewards.

Every day, players get rewards based on the damage they dealt to the boss. According to the ranking, rewards will be sent daily.

Dragon Awaken also has a Lucky Christmas Tree filled with packs.

There’s also a Christmas Park that you can play in using the dices you obtain in game. In the Christmas Park, players can sign into an event, and if the amount of players signing in is high enough, all the players on the server will receive special rewards.

Deals and Discounts – Recharge Events

Starting with 17th and open through 31st December, recharging on Mini-client comes with a 10% discount. There will also be plenty of deals and sales, so stay tuned and check out Dragon Awaken every day to see what’s new.

Dragon Awaken Fashion and Mount

And to complete the Christmassy vibe, there are also new fashion outfits and a new mount in Dragon Awaken. Yes, you’ll get to wield a Christmas Tree and crush your enemies with it, while also wearing deer antlers and a Santa suit. The mount comes with a bag filled with gifts, and although it doesn’t have a red nose, it still looks festive but fierce enough.

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