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[Download] Pokémon Go 0.77.1 for Android and 1.47.1 for iOS


The popular game Pokémon Go has received updated versions for two operating systems: Android and iOS. The update was announced on the official website on the 7th of October and the versions are: 0.77.1 for Android and 1.47.1 for iOS. The Pokémon Go team has also released some notes regarding the developments available with the updated versions.

New features on the Pokémon Go update:

Players will no longer be able to mass transfer costumed Pokémon monsters. However, individual transfers are still available and a confirmation dialogue will appear during the transfer of costumed Pokémon.

A number of issues were also fixed: an occasional bug network error (appeared during Gym battles); a bug which caused Raid Battle lobbies to display the wrong numbers of trainers ready for battle; a bug which would cause Pokémon monster chosen for the Raid Battle lobby to be reset (when clicking the items buttons). Other various problems and bug were fixed but they are not mentioned on the official website.

Pokémon Go mania:

The location-based reality game was developed by Niantic for iOS and Android smartphones. The game released in July 2016 was a huge success and people all over the world became obsessed with joining raid battles and capturing rare Pokémon monsters. Pokémon Go has an in-app store from where players can buy additional game items.

Fans enjoy the possibility of creating their own avatar that will afterwards be displayed on a map from the GPS location of the player. Around the world there are rare Pokémon monsters available and also regular ones.

Although numbers clearly suggest the game was a bit hit, there are also many who criticize the game. Some of the most ardent critics are religious groups that consider the game a blasphemy.

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  1. Naveed Al Murtaza says .. As your level ups, you will be able to catch more powerful Pokémon to accomplish your Pokédex. you can add to your collection by hatching Pokémon Eggs based on the distance you walk.

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