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[Download] Mozilla Quantum Browser Update with New Improvements


Gone are the days when Mozilla Firefox used to be in the top three browsers preferred by Internet users. Now the holy trinity is made up of Google Chrome (always keeping its ground on first place), Apple Safari and, oddly enough, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Perhaps Mozilla decided that it wouldn’t allow good old Internet Explorer to surpass it, so now the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser is coming. Mozilla just revealed the new browser and put it up for beta tests.

About the Mozilla Firefox Quantum Browser

The Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser will launch officially on the market in November. In the meantime, enthusiastic users and developers are kindly invited to test out the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser and leave feedback so that it can be improved until its official launch. Mozilla are marketing the Quantum browser intensely these days, claiming it’s their fastest one yet. But what is the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser more specifically? Well, it’s just an amped up version of the original tried and true Mozilla Firefox browser we all used to love back in the day.

The name Mozilla Firefox surely invokes some sort of nostalgia in each and every one of us. For example, I remember when I decided that it’s time to get a browser that can actually do things and finally move away from Internet Explorer, I downloaded Mozilla Firefox. This is why we should give the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser a chance. Mozilla Firefox was a good and sturdy browser, it just so happened that it lagged behind after a while. But the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser is a new and fresh start, and we owe it to ourselves to give it a chance.

Will you be downloading the new Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below.

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